Christine Caldi - Singer, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Manager, Author and Brownie-Maker

    I am an American who has been living and singing in the intriguing city of Paris, France for the past twenty-something years.  I did go to Berklee Music School in my native Boston before moving here but I had my most relevant music education on stage.  I was lucky to find a multitude of wonderful musicians here to "work" with.  (I don't consider singing as work; writing this bio is work.  In fact, I'll keep this short and sweet so I can go back to singing and you can go back to listening to my music).  

     I go from one project to another but seem to always come back to my favorite composers - Gershwin, Porter, Kern and the singers who are closely associated with them -- Ella, Frank, Sammy, Anita and the list goes on.  I seem to be drawn to the musical ambiance of the 20's and 30's when Broadway was at the heart of what would become the pulse of American music - where the classics of jazz were born.  I love the stories behind the scenes as well and tell a bunch of them at my concerts.  I'm becoming an American music historian by default -- I just can't help it.  I enjoy connecting both sides of the pond musically.

     My latest CD was recorded near Paris and released on July 15th 2013. It's called "Gotta Have Gershwin" by guess who.  Since George composed the music to "An American in Paris" and I am one, I feel that he's some sort of kindred spirit in my life. So we're in a musical relationship at the moment and we're ready to tell the world about it.

     I love to travel (as spirits do) and sing (as spirits do too).  I play all over Europe with musicians from various countries and continents and hope to be in your "neck of the woods" someday.  And oh yes, we do weddings!

     Thanks for being here and visiting my site and music.

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